posted by Jacco van den Hoek: 15/09/2015
West Kirby Winterstorm
Oil on canvas
1800mm x 600mm
2014 Neston - UK


I started this painting ten years ago...

This work has been my motivation to keep on painting... I started it ten years ago after having lived in the UK for almost two years. England inspired me, it seduced me with it's light, it's curvaceous landscapes and it's people. Now I see it as a visual and emotional culmination of my residence in England. It has the contrasts, the depth and the light I miss so often.

The oil painting shows Parkgate. A village which was quite famous in Victorian times as a beach resort. Nowadays the beach is all gone and changed into marshland due to the changed flowing pattern of the river Dee. Parkgate became forgotten but thanks to that it kept it's original and picturesque status. On the right you can see the welsh mountains, Holywell and Flintshire...

My easel was set up here:

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