Visual communication

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Corporate identity from scratch for Gente + sana. A group of pharmacies united to obtain a more cost effective service and more quality.
Events and identity
Events should have their own identity and corporate communication. Focused on its mostly specific target. A few examples of projects in this field.
COSEPA (Congress)
Editorial and corporate design for the international COSEPA congress
Portal Canario de Música
Material de promoción para el Portal Canario de la Música, folletos, tarjetas y flyers.
Print design Escuela de Ecología Humana
Print design to promote the Escuela de Ecología Humana.
Sleeve design “Planetarium” for Artenara
Sleeve design for Artenara's soundtrack album "Planetarium"
Palcanarias Paint
Change of visual identity after 30 years... Taking on the whole company branding. Packaging, stationary, vehicles, etc. Palcanarias is a high quality paint factory on the Canary Islands.
Debut DVD of expressesion. An artistic collective for artists of all different areas.
Atman by Onofre Montenegro
Artwork for "Atman"(Energy) composed by musician Onofre Montenegro. Exclusive case. Energy converted in Music...
Evocaciones Criollas by Víctor Landeira
CD cover design "Evocaciones Criollas" by musician Víctor Landeira. Transparent box and booklet included. Cultural packaging.
Corporate Design project for Grancatek, a small business offering a technical service for big and small appliances plus air conditioning. stationary, façade, fleet,etc.
iccp – Canarian Institute for Professional Cualifications
Information material for the Canarian Institute for Professional Cualifications (iccp). Digital, editorial, newsletters, brochures roll-ups etc.
IUSA (University institute of animal health and food safety)
Promotion material: International orientated brochures and roll-ups for the Master and PhD in Animal health and food safety imparted by IUSA. (University institute of animal health and food safety)
Drugstore La Garita
Complete restyling of identity and then applied to facade en interior objects like turnomatica (ticket dispenser) and information desk.

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