2 November, 2018 - Jacco Van Den Hoek

Gente más sana (healthier people) is an commercial initiative that includes several pharmacies with the objective to improve the service provided by the pharmacies. Improving cost effectiveness, providing solutions, innovation and development of the pharmacy, offering new and exclusive products and assisting them in obtaining a more whole quality service.
Pharmacies in Spain have their restrictions imposed by law to promote their products and this initiative give them an effective tool to make their business more effective.

Healthy Identity...

The project started with he naming process. Finding the perfect name for this entity. The right person for the job was Fulgencio Cerrajero, copy writer and expert in this field. Second phase was the creation of the corporate design and its application to various objects and products.

iccp jornada FP
iccp Jornadas Orientadores Profesionales
iccp jornada FP
iccp jornada FP

Brochure for baby products.

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