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Burton Mere Wetlands
(Sold) Burton Mere Wetlands, south of the Wirral in Northwest England. Oil on canvas 400 x 600mm. Views from Puddington lane towards Wales.
Puddington, down south on the Wirral. Paintbrush oil painting on board 300 x 420mm. A little village tucked away between rolling hills, looking over the river Dee and towards Wales.
Middle Eye
Middle Eye, small island on the english West Coast. Paintbrush oil painting on canvas 297 x 420mm. where river Dee and the Irish Sea collide.
End of the English summer, change is in the air, cornfields turned to gold and wind that smells of rain.
An overcast day at the sports harbor in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Oil on canvas 610mm x 385mm.
Quintanilla, the barren north coast of Gran Canaria. Battering waves...
Station Rd Burton
The curvy road down to the marshes. Getting my fingers frozen... But splendid light!
Neston Cross
The centre of Neston, a little market town on the wirral (UK) on a winters day after a heavy downpour.
Peña azul
Oil on canvas 600mm x 300mm. The north of Fuerteventura on a sunny afternoon in March. Tranquil memories of a violent past.
Autumn on the marshes
The marshes between England and Wales sometimes inundated by the Irish see and always subministered by the river Dee. An autumn day.
Late summer, heather is smelling nicely and a hint of autumn in the air... Oil painting 350mm x 450mm. Beautiful views on the Wirral and the Irish Sea.

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