Evocaciones Criollas by Víctor Landeira

21 June, 2016 - Jacco Van Den Hoek

Evocaciones criollas is a musical initiative of Víctor Landeira promoted by Enrique Mateu and financed by the Canarian Government. Pieces for guitar composed by Uruguayan Alfonso Broqua an influential composer of musical nationalism.

The design evokes the extensive pampas of Uruguay, it's peacefulness, loneliness, it's particular light and the essence of the landscape.

A composition made of self made photographs and illustration creating the feel of a warm summer afternoon.

Evocaciones Criollas - booklet
Evocaciones Criollas - Portada
Evocaciones Criollas - contra
Evocaciones Criollas - CD
Evocaciones Criollas Author

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