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Dijk Windesheim

Curvacious dialogue between Dyke and river. Palette knife oil painting: 300mm x 500mm.


Some selected work which I would like to show because of their mutual coincidences.

Etude Atl 1 410x240mm thumb

Estudio I

Clouds and ocean. Behaviour study of clouds and ocean and their relationship in terms of colours and forms.

Want to see the work in proper proportions?

Etude Atl 2 Calima 550x330mm thumb

Estudio II

Clouds, ocean and island. Study of a dull day with little contrast and calima.

Want to see the work in proper proportions?

Etude Atl III Calma 270x460mm thumb

Estudio II

Clouds, ocean and coastline. Study of the ocean on a calm hot day. 

Want to see the work in proper proportions?


Graphic Design

Visual Identity

Corporate identity from scratch for Gente + sana. A group of pharmacies united to obtain a more cost effective service and more quality.

Fine Art

Oils and digital compositions

Dijk Windesheim
Dutch river landscape. Palette knife oil painting on canvas 30cm x 50cm. Dyke and river mimicking each others meandering movements.


Fine art and graphic design

Art exchange
Art exchange between artists was quite common in the old days. Especially in the "fin de siécle". It helped society grow in fast changing times.

About me

Born in The Netherlands, I studied at the Constantijn Huygens art school in Kampen and worked and lived in The Netherlands, Spain and England. I started my professional career in an lettering company, applying transfers, cutting letters and painting letters by hand... The company grew and so did I... I left the company as company designer and production manager. Filled up my 24 years old VW Beetle with some clothes, sails and surfboards and left for the Canary Islands... (+)

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