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Graphic Design

Visual Identity

Season’s greetings 2017 EUDITA
The season's greeting card as an intrinsic part of the corporate identity. EUDITA is a national chain of audit companies.

Fine Art

Oils and digital compositions

End of the English summer, change is in the air, cornfields turned to gold and wind that smells of rain.


Fine art and graphic design

Art exchange
Art exchange between artists was quite common in the old days. Especially in the "fin de siécle". It helped society grow in fast changing times.


Every week I'll choose some work of which I will give an intimate explanation of the whys and hows....

Urban themes, where the buzz is, the rat-race, where human species thrive, dwell. Driven by external factors illustrated by the electric stairs. Where do we go? Are we going where we really want or are we all manipulated by thinking so...

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Copyleft, an alternative for Copyright. Control your own stuff. Have a say over your work, Be in control. I liked this project a lot mostly because of the critical philosophy behind it... The Creative Commons. Content for the people, when we share everyone wins as there slogan says... Accessible for all, cultivate the society, promote critical thinking!

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About me

Born in The Netherlands, I studied at the Constantijn Huygens art school in Kampen and worked and lived in The Netherlands, Spain and England. I started my professional career in an lettering company, applying transfers, cutting letters and painting letters by hand... The company grew and so did I... I left the company as company designer and production manager. Filled up my 24 years old VW Beetle with some clothes, sails and surfboards and left for the Canary Islands... (+)

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